Our company produces furniture edge glued panels from deciduous wood laths. We manufacture two kinds of panels: from whole laths and from finger jointed laths. In the manufacturing program we mainly use birch, oak and ash wood. The production volume amounts to ca. 100 m3/month.

Among our customers are furniture manufacturers and agencies selling materials for furniture production. We deliver our panels mainly to customers in Germany and Denmark.


The standard thickness of our panels is 18 to 26 mm. We manufacture panels with other thickness on a smaller scale and only as a supplement to standard panel orders.

The maximum width of our panels is 1200mm. The maximum length of panels made of whole laths equals 2300 mm. We manufacture panels made of finger joined laths that are max. 4500 mm long.

Quality, humidity, treatment

We mainly produce A/B class panels. It is also possible for us to manufacture A/A, B/C and C/C class panels. We have a standard A, B and C class description. Before embarking upon a cooperation, however, we adapt detailed quality requirements to the customer's expectations. During the execution of an order we comply with individual quality arrangements.

Panels are sanded on both sides with 100 or 120 abrasive paper, depending on customer requirements.

Panel humidity is 8% ± 2%

Standard panels:

In the case of quality classes allowing repairs, the panels are repaired by means of wooden plugs. Small cavities are filled.

It is possible for us to mill the panel edges.


The order execution deadline depends on the order volume and its complexity. The longest execution deadline is 6 - 8 weeks if we have to order material that is not on stock. In the case of repetitive orders with a set specification, orders can be executed in a shorter time.

Prices and payments

The prices are established in Euro for 1m3 of panel and do not depend on its thickness or width. In the case of panels glued from whole laths, their price depends on the length. We establish prices for the below ranges of length:

  • up to 700 mm
  • 701 - 1000 mm
  • 1001 - 1500 mm
  • 1501 - 1900 mm
  • 1901 - 2300 mm

Panels made of finger jointed laths have a fixed price for 1m3 regardless of their dimensions. Prices are negotiated depending on order volume and type.
Standard payments have to be made within 30 days, we offer 2% discount if payment is made within 14 days.

Packaging and labeling

The panels are placed on disposable palettes that are adjusted to their length. On request, we place the panels on Euro-palettes. The panels are wrapped in elastic foil by default. The palettes are bound together with tape. All corners and places where the tape gets bent are secured by means of plastic washers. Each palette is labeled with a tag containing a unique number, our order number, dimensions, quality and number of panels. In the case of a large number of small pallets they are joined into bigger palettes, while every palette keeps its tag. We also offer the possibility to pack single panels into cardboard boxes.

Means of ordering and order execution

Our customers send us offer inquiries by fax or email. The inquiry should contain the precise specification of panels, including dimensions, quality and quantity. We then check our production capacities and whether we have the technological possibility to manufacture the panels. We suggest an order execution deadline. After negotiating all the details, the customer sends in his order together with the prices that we have agreed upon. We check the calculations in the order and then send a written order taking confirmation that includes the order execution deadline, the customer's and our own ordering numbers, the precise specification including prices and the calculated value.

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